Starting a low FODMAP vegan diet


When it comes to the Low Fodmap Diet, there is so much information out there.

Type “low FODMAP” into Google and you’ll be hit with everything from how it’s saved this person’s life, to how it’s the only scientifically validated diet for managing symptoms of IBS, to how it is actually very harmful to health. Confusion much?!

In this book I have answered some of the most common questions I get asked by clients wishing to know more about the low FODMAP diet. The answers are not designed to go into too much detail (my psych background makes me weary of cognitive overload), but just enough to give you a ‘taster’… if you’ll excuse the dad pun.

As well as lots of information about FODMAP diets I have included all my latest delicious creations, all up you are getting 126 pages of helpful information, easy, healthy recipes and resources to get you started on your journey.

Psst. After purchasing the book you will receive an email to the address supplied at checkout (so check this is correct) with a download link. This is a large book (195 pages worth of goodness!) so make sure you have a solid internet connection prior to download. Don’t quit if you’re taken to a blank page as it can take a while for the book to load. If you don’t immediately receive a download email please check your spam and junk folders

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