Shopping List

 S H O P P I N G  L I S T

The following Shopping List includes low FODMAP vegan options from each food group

Note: Most animal-based options are low FODMAP. As a Vegan, I have chosen not to list them here … there are plenty of non-vegan resources out there (simply Google “low FODMAP foods”).

Please Note:

The researchers at Monash university are continuously testing new foods. Please see the notes below about recent updates regarding this shopping list:

  • Goji berries 1 tbsp (moderate oligosaccharide content)
  • Coconut nectar – ½ tbsp. (1 tbsp moderate oligosaccharide content)
  • Nutritional yeast – not yet tested
  • Coconut vinegar not yet tested, but Apple Cider Vinegar declared FODMAP Friendly
  • Amaranth (1/4 cup)
  • Wild rice – not yet tested
  • Activated almonds – 10 nuts
  • Lentils ½ canned cup
  • Banana chips (10 chips)
  • Coconut milk (canned only – ½ cup)
  • Coconut yoghurt – yet to be tested (only have homemade using canned coconut milk)
  • Oat milk – not yet tested – only make your own using filtered water & oats (1/2 cup)