Food & Symptoms Journal

F O O D  &  S Y M P T O M S   J O U R N A L

As mentioned, the process of discovering which foods are triggers for you will involve a lot of trial and error. Something I found very helpful during the experimentation phase (an ongoing process) was to keep a food & symptoms journal. It definitely doesn’t have to be as extensive as this, although the Monash Low FODMAP App does allow you to keep notes stored for each food item, which is incredibly helpful when you’re out and about. In my case, I would note it down in the notes app of my phone and then transfer this information into a table similar to this when I got home. Slowly, I started understanding my body, and what it could and couldn’t tolerate. I could then make wiser food choices to ensure I minimised my risk of experiencing uncomfortable and painful digestive symptoms. I discovered that many of the foods I was avoiding weren’t actually triggers for me, despite having a moderate-high FODMAP content. This meant I was able to add a lot more variety to my diet and suddenly life didn’t seem so doom and gloom.