MooGoo – All Natural Skincare & Makeup Range
18 Jun 2016

MooGoo – All Natural Skincare & Makeup Range

It’s no coincidence that both Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, two oldest systems of medicine, consider digestion to be one of the key factors influencing our overall health & wellbeing. It’s also no coincidence that those of us that suffer digestive issues also tend to be more sensitive in other areas – not just our bellies (joy for us!) Commonly overlooked by health foodies, what we put on our skin is equally as important as what we are putting in our mouths. Turns out, your parents were right all along … beauty really is more than skin deep!  😛

The average person rubs and sprays at least 5 different skin care products on his or her body every day–and since our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, we can potentially be absorbing up to 130 chemicals! Cosmetics and conventional skin care companies argue that these chemicals are safe, and many of them are … in small doses at least. But consider that the average woman wears makeup every day, or the average male/female uses deo (at least you hope they do!) daily, and you can appreciate how a little bit here and there can add up. The scary reality is that no one really knows how certain chemicals affect us over time, or how they react in our bodies in combination. Any chemical residue that enters the body can wreak havoc with your overall health, including digestion, and it is for this reason that it’s important you start paying attention to what you are using for your skincare regime. 🙄

For a while I had steered clear of Moogoo products, not because I had heard awful things (if anything the opposite, with a number of my friends who suffer from conditions like Eczema swearing by the stuff), but because the whole Cow on the packaging thing threw me off and made me think it was all incredibly unvegan friendly. Boy was I wrong! A huge selection of Moogoo’s all natural and Australian-owned cosmetics are 100% vegan friendly … even their new Dusty Girl make up range is vegan! I can honestly say that my sensitive skin has fallen in love with this stuff, and I’ll never go back to paying huge figures for “organic, all natural, vegan skin care”. Here are a few reasons why I’ve been converted to Moogoo:

  • The entire range is made with all natural ingredients
  • No fancy advertising – no pretty models on the website, no gimmicky marketing techniques or “hidden” ingredients – all the ingredients are listed & a heap of information provided on why each was included (thumbs up for transparency!)
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skins & a multitude of options for different skin conditions not just the one “sensitive skin” option
  • Super affordable. In fact, some of their stuff is even cheaper than the bulk chemical-laden products you will find at discount pharmacies! One of my favourite things about MooGoo products is that I can afford to buy in larger quantities
  • Their products are so natural you can even eat them (although perhaps stick to my recipes for now 😉 ) .. their philosophy is “if it’s not good enough to eat, it’s not good enough for the skin” … love it!

Some of the FODMAP Friendly Vegan’s favourite MooGoo products include:

  • Shea Sorbet … this stuff smells like a lime popsicle and feels amazing! It is made for those of us with very dry hands and feet. All my cooking leaves my hands rivalling a champion weight lifter … ever heard of such a thing as carrot grating callas? This product is great for when a regular moisturizer just isn’t enough … I recommend putting it on right before bed.
  • Fresh Cream Deodorant: NO ALUMINIUM (win!) The amazing MooGoo formula is slightly alkaline (what we want), yet is strong enough to prevent odour causing bacteria. It isn’t thick and gluey like some other vegan deodorants I’ve tried either.
  • Edible Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm: I love this!! It uses Beetroot colouring to provide a hint of colour and is so moisturising for my lips that, especially during winter, this baby will be permanently glued to my pocket!
  • Natural Mineral Blush (Golden Delicious): I’m such a big fan of products that you can use for a variety of purposes (major money saver) and the Dusty Girl Natural Mineral Blush is just that. I use the Golden Delicious tint as it suits my skin tone, and the great thing is it doubles as a fantastic eye shadow for when I’m after a natural look. It is super light and doesn’t fall off like other flower-pollen based vegan blushes I’ve used in the past.

Well there you have it guys! Moo-chew gracias for taking the time to read this post and remember the take away message is to be a little more aware of what you’re putting both inside AND on the outside of your body.

Ciao for now xo 😉

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